Enterprise Blockchain Solutions For Startups and Industries

DeFi NFT Agancy , One of the first testers of blockchain technology to create a decentralized ecosystem for businesses, startups and companies. With our consistent approach to developing industry-specific secure blockchain networks, we have become pioneers and harnessed the power of blockchain technology to develop custom blockchain.

Blockchain Development Agancy

To reshape a business or any corporate industry with higher confidentiality and immutability, blockchain technology has deemed as the right choice. We, DeFi NFT Agancy - A leading Blockchain development company , having master level expertise by providing blockchain application development services to 100+ overseas clients around the world. Our blockchain app developers are adept at different blockchain platforms and are having expertise in providing a complete blockchain solution that best suits your business. We at bitdealDeFi NFT Agancy increasing number of expert blockchain developers can provide you with custom and offshore blockchain development services. To increase the quality of your blockchain project we can hire our dedicated blockchain developers with a set up of Offshore Development Center(ODC).


Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

NFT Development

Supplychain Blockchain Development

We Create Blockchain for food, pharma, e-commerce, and various supply chain systems to bring better transparency, trace-ability, and security inside the network.

Metaverse NFT Marketplace Development

Private Blockchain Development

Speed up your business processes by leveraging existing blockchain and increase the security by limiting the access to certain users using private custom blockchain.

NFT Marketplace Development

Blockchain DApps Development

Store billions of transactions without authorizing any third person and share the data securely with everyone in the integrated decentralized blockchain network.

NFT Storage Solutions

Decentralized Exchange Development

Let the traders to trade cryptocurrencies without the involvement of any third parties and their applications on a fully secured Decentralized Crypto Exchange.

NFT Smart Contract Development & Auditing

Initial Coin Offering ICO Development

Raise funds From Potential investors for your blockchain project by launching your own ICO website, along with the admin, investor and fund management portals.

Cross Chain NFT Development

Ethereum Token Development

Develop ethereum tokens on ERC20, ERC721, ERC223, ERC777, ERC827 and more various ethereum tokens standards based on the proposed requirement.

Cross Chain NFT Development

Smart Contract Development

We create secured smart contracts on any blockchain and can perform a proper auditing process to ensure its functionality, security and speed on various use cases.

Cross Chain NFT Development

Blockchain Consulting Services

Get detailed insight about our blockchain services from our experts and implement the best blockchain service that could match your business requirements.

Cross Chain NFT Development

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Build Secured Web, Mobile and Desktop cryptocurrency wallet apps that can be integrated with any kind of blockchain applications to provide seamless crypto transactions.

Binance Smart Chain Development

Our Binance Smart Chain Development services comprises the development of DeFi Protocols, NFT Marketplaces, Smart Contracts and more on Binance Smart Chain, the chain that runs parallel to the Binance Chain.The major benefits of choosing Binance Smart Chain for your DeFi Development involves functionalities like Staking, farming, swapping, lending, borrowing of BEP 20 tokens are carried out securely with ease on BSC.

Our Binance Smart Chain Development Services Involves :

  1. Binance Smart Chain Smart Contract Development
  2. Binance Smart Chain Token(BEP20) Development
  3. Binance Smart Chain NFT Marketplace Development
  4. Binance Smart Chain DeFi Protocol Development
  5. Binance Smart Chain Non-Fungible Token Development and more.

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions For Industries

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions For Industries

Hold Records in a highly secured, transparent and accessible network. Bring more efficiency to customers in processing the claims, improve KYC, risk managment and Trust.

Blockchain In E_Commerce

Outstrech the user_density and also the brand idensity of your E_Commerce business through the effective use of Blockchain . Let us shape a pain _free E_Commerce system by improvising transparency with the use of Blockchain tecnology.

Blockchain In Supply Chain

Improves customer trust, asset management , and reduces the overall cost of moving items inside a supply chain. Let your customer to track products in real_time and to make payment in cryptocurrencies.

Why Businesses Need Blockchain ?

By leveraging this public ledger technology, industries can shape up their core functionality by bringing more security, traceability, immutability, and transparency. Based on the business nature, you can develop separate custom blockchain (I.e) permissioned blockchain for your interconnected networks. Only a limited number of persons can have the privileges to access the information provided within the network.

  • Decentralized management of data and information

  • Upshots

  • Data can’t be hacked and incorruptible

  • Secured Eco-System

  • Easy To manage risks

  • Ease of business operations

  • Flexible to maintain complex records

  • Transparency of business records

Blockchain Supply Chain Development Services

Create your own custom private blockchain application for supply chain, to build secured, fast, transparent, and cost cutting supply chain system for your manufacturing or retail business.


the Core Benefit : Blockchain Consulting

As the blockchain began to vibrate its waves around the world, businesses and corporations became the first adopters of this massive technology. Blockchain began to disrupt large industries, the uses of blockchain will be different for each industry. Entrepreneurs, startups, or organizations need to do a thorough study of blockchain technology and learn the possible ways in which they can incorporate blockchain into their business model. This should require appropriate advisory support. At DeFi NFT Agancy, we offer complete blockchain consulting services, including:

  1. Scope declaration
  2. Strategy deriving
  3. Determining the custom blockchain infrastructure
  4. Financial estimations
  5. Auditing support
  6. Development consultations
  7. Smart contract consulting

Blockchain Case Studies On Real-Word Applications

Understand the potential of blockchain technology and its true use cases by exploring our real word blockchain implementation on various technologies, platforms, and industries.

Blockchain Platform We Expertise





Binance smart chain

Binance smart chain











Technologies We Use



Cluster Deployment


Ganache Cli





Mongo DB

Open Zepplin


Container Service



Log Management

Go Lang


Angular JS


Double Spending is defined as a process of spending money more than once, and it leads to inflation. To eliminate this approach, blockchain-based cryptocurrencies like bitcoin use a Consensus mechanism known as Proof-of-work. Here the Blockchain Technology prevents Double Spending by verifying the transaction from multiple users in the network.


Yes, it is possible to create a token on the ethereum blockchain, Since ethereum is an open-source blockchain, it has a lot of library packages and has its predefined standards like ERC20, ERC721, ERC222, ERC723 and more for developers to create tokens on ethereum.


Creating blockchain will have more classifications, based on the requirements, blockchain platforms, technologies, and tools we use, the cost will vary hugely.


Blockchain is not fully hackable and is not that much transparent to the hackers, because data inside a blockchain would be encrypted and would be transparent only to the nodes who are in the networks. Moreover, if a hacker wants to change a record in a block, then it would be notified by each node, since each node has authority for all blocks and the copy of data has been shared to all the nodes. So the hacker couldn’t hack all the blogs and he can’t change the record without getting notified by the other nodes.


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Why Us?

Expert Team Of NFT Developers

Expert Team Of NFT Developers

we have expert NFT Developers who are highly techies in creating successful NFT Projects for various use cases.

Exposure In All Blockchains

Exposure In All Blockchains

Our team of experts are highly skilled in creating NFT Marketplace on trending blockchains like solana, polygon, ethereum, binance and more.

Quick Development & Deployment

Quick Development & Deployment

We are following a strategic approach and agile development process to quickly deploy a next-gen peer to peer marketplace.

Tech Support

Tech Support

We provide round-the- clock technical support so that one can reach out our experts instantly.

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