Foundation Cloning

Foundation Cloning is the white label NFT Marketplace that operates similarly to Foundation in context with features and functionalities, leverages the auction process and promotes attractive storefront design to list NFTs. The cloning can build a NFT marketplace-like foundation to foster support for artists, creators and collectors through an interconnected network. This cloning is open to customization, the buyer of the can kick up everything on their own wish from Blockchain Technology to Integrated APIs.

ERC Token Standards supported in Foundation Cloning:

Our Cloning primarily supports the below tokens, yet based on the business needs it can be altered:

  • ERC-1155
  • ERC20
  • ERC 721

Specifications of DeFi NFT Agancy’s Foundation Cloning

  • Type : NFT Marketplace.
  • Blockchian : Ethereum Blockchian (Customizable).
  • Version : latest Updated 1.0.
  • Supported Tokens : ERC 20 (Customizable).
  • Integrated APIs : All Prime APIs Integrated.

Benefits of Creating DeFi Protocol like SafeMoon

  • Advanced Asset Categorization

    Advanced Assets Categorization to match up with Individual likes and dislikes.

  • Storefront

    Attractive Storefront feature to display the listed NFTs

  • Auction Process

    Auction Process to sell your listed NTTs on good price.

  • NFT Wallet

    Integrated NFT Wallet to store, sell and buy all kinds of NFTS.

  • Blog Section

    Blog Section to elaborated the featured NFTs and to intimate some other new features to the users.

  • Analytics

    Effective Performance tracking to track the entire user performance from the day one itself.

  • Bit option

    Analytics to easily understand statistics

  • Integrated Payment Gateways

    Lets Creators to specify their Bid Price.

  • listing

    Integrated payment gateways like credit card, debit card, cryptocurrencies, etc,

  • listing

    Integrated payment gateways like credit card, debit card, cryptocurrencies, etc,

Foundation - The Glimpse

Foundation is a NFT Marketplace built on Ethereum Blockchain commenced in the month of February, 202 which is a kind of open, decentralized community. They describe themselves as a Easy to use platform where users can create, buy, sell NFTs like they are using instagram.Till the launch time the creators have earned upto 23,150 ETH in this platform. Recently the foundation has been known as the platform where one can buy good NFTs at a fair price.

This Permission less open community lets anyone build an app on their foundation contract which is completely a free platform. One can also use data form foundation subgraphs to display UI via GraphQL .

Foundation Trading Fee

The Trading Fee on Foundation is much less when we compared it with a physical art works

  • All kinds of Fee are deducted only via ETh as all NFTs are labelled in ETH as it is built on Ethereum Blockchain
  • Once the auction is done, 85% of the final price is sent to creator and 15% is taken as Exchange Fee
  • When the NFT goes to reselling, then 10% of total price has sent to creator wallet, to provide authenticity to Creator work.

How Does Foundation Cloning Works

  • To begin with, user need to create an account and fund the crypto wallet
  • Creators can upload their artwork either in png, jpg, or video format
  • The Platform will intimate the listing status to creator
  • Once its verified, Creator can fix bid
  • Once the auction process is done, the NFT has sent to desired buyer’s wallet
  • Collectors can easily participate in auction process, once they have enough stuff in their wallet

How Auction Works in Foundation Cloneing

Auction works entirely on the collectors side, once the NFT went live.

  • Artists lists the NFT for the reserved price.
  • The process took for 24 hours, once the first bid price is fixed.
  • If the bid price of NFT is replaced by another, then auction extends for future 15 minutes.
  • The process goes on for 24 hours.
  • if the collector won the bid, the NFT has sent to collector’s wallet and the desired price has been paid by collector.

How To Start an NFT Marketplace like Foundation

  • DeFi Lending and Borrowing Platform Development
  • DeFi Token Development
  • DeFi Protocol Development
  • DeFi DEX Platform Development
  • DeFi based Asset Management Platform Development
  • DeFi Insurance Protocol Development
  • DeFi based Gaming Platform Development
  • DeFi staking platform development
  • DeFi Synthetic Assets Development
  • DeFi Yield Farming Development
  • DeFi based Stablecoins Development
  • DeFi Wallet Development
  • DeFi Prediction Markets Development
  • DeFi based Payment Platform Development
  • DeFi Smart Contract Development and so on.
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Expert Team Of NFT Developers

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Exposure In All Blockchains

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Quick Development & Deployment

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