Polkaswap Cloning

No wonder Decentralized Finance, Defi is the Phenomenal crypto trend but it can’t provide solutions for the two largest problems, scalability and segregating independent multiple blockchains to share information. Polkaswap was raisen to solve those issues with cross-chain technology. Polkaswap is a cross-chain liquidity aggregator DEX. It is part of the SORA blockchain built on the Substrate framework to be compatible with Kusama and Polkadot. Polkaswap acts as a center of liquidity as it allows trading tokens from different blockchains plugged into the Polkadot ecosystem as well as other blockchains (Ethereum, Bitcoin,...).

Polkaswap Cloning is technically the package of high standard source code written in top-notch programming languages. It is the kind of decentralized

cloning encrypted with a liquidity aggregator algorithm and advanced security features to build an interoperable, Defi based DEX aggregator like Polkaswap.

DeFi NFT Agancy lets you build a pure, gentle platform just like Polkaswap with white label Polkaswap Cloning and an integrated cross-chain feature enabling users to get multiple tokens like ERC-20, BNB, etc, without creating an account on various platforms. This cloning is entirely customizable, you have an open choice to choose your platform’s native blockchain like Binance smart chain, Ethererum, Polkadot, etc, We DeFi NFT Agancy, have highly skilled professionals on all kinds of blockchain network.


Unique features of Polkaswap

  • Liquidity Aggregation Technology

    With the robust liquidity aggregation algorithm, polkaswap paved the way to trade against various liquidity sources which give high potential for polkaswap. The solid purpose of a liquidity aggregator is to combine liquidity from various sources like AMM, order book, DEX, etc, Thus Polkaswap is designed to provide solutions associated with AMM DEX. Polkaswap is operate on a parachain with bridges that connect Ethereum blockchain and bitcoin. This unique liquidity infrastructure will considerably reduce the risk and loss for traders

  • Smart Liquidity routing

    As Polkaswap is completely decentralized, Once the trade is done, the liquidity provider earns rewards which are ultimately based upon the type of liquidity pool. Each and every liquidity pool has a different set of rules and returns. This Smart Liquidity routing automatically choose the best pool based upon your request and the chances of earning is quite high

    Thus DeFi NFT Agancy integrates the above two amazing features in PolkaSwap Cloning.

Features of Polkaswap Cloning


Token Swapping

Users of this Exchange can easily swap sora tokens (XOR) with various digital tokens on polkaswap cloning -like platform. one can choose the crypto asset precisely by using Asset ID and can swap tokens to different blockchain.



Traders can attain rewards for investing their funds. Liquidity Providers are rewarded with PSWAP tokens. Validators and nominators are rewarded with a VAL token.


Low gas Fee

Transactions are ultimately performed on DEX based polkadot blockchain so the transactions are fast and effective with low gas fee


Polkaswap Pool

Liquidity Aggregation Algorithm provides easy and smooth execution of trades.


Smart Liquidity Routing

Smart Liquidity Routing automatically chooses the desired pool for traders to earn effectively.

How Polkaswap cloning works?

  • Traders can buy/sell crypto assets with Exchange
  • Users need to use Defi Wallet to proceed with staking, pooling, etc.
  • By making use of XOR tokens, liquidity is provided via liquidity providers.
  • The Liquidity Providers are rewarded with VAL Tokens.
  • Users are now able to participate in token swap .
  • Cross chain network lets users to swap tokens with other blockchain networks.
  • The returns for stacking is entirely depend upon the asset type, time period, active nominators, etc.

What is SORA ?

SORA is built on Substrate which is the basic framework used to create cryptos and decentralized applications that is said to be highly efficient than Ethereum. It is the network which polkadot chain and other blockchains with Defi focused built-in tools

Validator: Validators are the epic part of the SORA network responsible to create blocks and they are elected by the Phragmèn Method.

Nominator: Nominators are those who publishes the list of validators and provide XOR in considerable amount to support them


Polkaswap is the powerback combo of SORA ecosystem and polkadot ecosystem. Both ecosystem have their own tokens.

Native Tokens of SORA Network

  • XOR

    Used for transaction fees (gas) on the SORA Network with an elastic supply, managed by a token bonding curve.

    • It was launched on April 2021 capped at 350000 XOR.
    • Etherscan is used to track the XOR distribution.
    • It is used as a gas fee on SORA Network.
    • Users can add liquidity to Polkaswap with this token.
    • Given for Validators.
  • VAL

    Used to reward validators on the SORA Network with a decreasing supply over time, with tokens burned at every SORA v2 network transaction

    • The Initial Token supply is 100 million and decreasing with tokens burned
    • The price of VAL token is fixed by market
    • It is used to reward validators on SORA Network
    • VAL is distributed to three groups equally in three stages

Native Token of Polkaswap - PSWAP

  • The maximum supply is estimated as 10 billion with decreasing tokens burned.

  • The Price of this token is fixed by the crypto situations.

  • It is used to provide rewards to the liquidity Providers.

  • The Current Circulating supply is nearly 36%.


  • 25% - Token bonding curve reward

  • 3% - Liquidity reward

  • 6% - Launching reward

  • 4% - Market making rewards

Benefits Of Building a Platform like Polkaswap

  • Non-Custodial Assets

    AS Polkaswap is fully decentralized, Users have the full authority for their crypto assets and private keys.

  • Best Pricing

    Thus there is no central authority for managing trades but technology helps with smart liquidity routing to earn more.

  • Sophisticated User Experience

    This kind of platform enhance the overall user experience via liquidity aggregators and cross-chain techniques to bridge other blockchain networks.

Why Choose DeFi NFT Agancy for Polkaswap Cloning Development ?

As one of Defi's leading development companies, DeFi NFT Agancy has:

  • Strong industry Experience
  • Guides Many Startups and Enterprises with our promising blockchain solutions
  • Experts in all kinds of Blockchain Technology
  • Technical support
  • Future Availability incase of any issues raisen
  • Incorporation of Agile Development Methodologies
  • High Transparency with effective and clear communications
  • On-time Deployment
  • Satisfied customers

What is the Estimated Fee For Polkaswap Cloning ?

"What is the Fee?"

it’s actually the obvious question for many, as mentioned, the simulation is fully customizable. Cilents can choose from their preferred blockchain network to integrated APIs. So this is not a fixed case and it varies according to the circumstances!

Contact our experts for more detailed information.

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Expert Team Of NFT Developers

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