Build DeFi Exchange Like Uniswap With Uniswap Cloning

Create Your Own DeFi based Decentralized Exchange Platform like Uniswap with advanced security features & high liquidity using Our Uniswap Cloning .

Uniswap Cloning

Uniswap Cloning is a DeFi exchange that can assist any budding crypto entrepreneur to create a decentralized exchange platform like Uniswap on ethereum blockchain with advanced trading options and a simplified user interface. We develops Uniswap Cloning with both “swap and liquidity pool” Smart contracts that exist in the Uniswap DEX. Our uniswap Cloning supports the V3 Features hence the capital efficiency of LPs has been increased to 4000X also the gas fees has been reduced. The Automated Market Maker (AMM) launched using Our Uniswap Cloning allows traders to swap/trade desired cryptocurrencies by connecting any web3 wallets like MeatMask wallet, Walletconnect, and so on.

Version : Upgraded Version 3.0 (2021 Edition)

What’s New : Multiple Smart Contracts, Liquidity APIs.

1inch Cloning

White Label Uniswap Cloning

White Label Uniswap Cloning Comes as an immediate solution to create defi exchange platform with no more bug fixing and customization. It is an instant premier defi exchange that can be deployed to create a defi platform like uniswap within few hours. We provides best-in-class white label uniswap cloning that has upgraded with V3 features so that the LPs can earn higher returns on their capital.

Uniswap Cloning Features


Flash Swapping

The users of the platform can withdraw the reserves of any ERC 20 tokens. The feature in our Uniswap cloning which allows users to make multi-step transactions known as Flash Swapping.

Own Custodian

As like in Uniswap, the users of the platform launched using Our Uniswap Cloning can keep their private keys that implies they can be the custodian of their own assets. This lets users exchange those with high liquidity pools.


DeFi Staking

Our Script supports locking of crypto tokens into the inbuilt DeFi Smart Contracts that lets users earn extra tokens as rewards. These rewards are known as staking rewards and the process is termed as DeFi Staking.

Liquidity pools

Facilitates the decentralized trading and lending through the collection of funds to be locked into smart contracts which is termed as liquidity pools. To this liquidy pool, users known as liquidity providers can add tokens to create a market.


New Tokens

Uniswap Cloning supports accessing and trading of new tokens on the platform instantly. The users get a way to create their own tokens and pair ERC 20 tokens with ETH to increase the liquidity of newly created tokens.

Ultra Security

Properly Audited Smart Contracts build on Ethereum Blockchain which is non-custodial that provides ultra security to the platform. These Smart Contracts are highly secured & do not carry any funds.


Benefits of Creating DeFi Protocol like SafeMoon

Listed here are the advantages of SafeMoon like DeFi Token.

  • Lower Transaction Fee

    DeFi tokens are designed which follows a circumvented approach that reduces the transaction fees. The transaction fees depend on the platform and blockchain network.

  • Fast Performance

    All the DeFi protocols like SafeMoon makes various financial processes faster and the streamlined Escrow-protected smart contracts act as a profitable investment way and a faster financial system.

  • Ownership

    The SafeMoon like DeFi tokens offer complete ownership for each digital asset and the transaction will be executed with multi-factor authentication.

  • Transparent

    In DeFi, the transactions are stored in the blockchain and it is transparent ie., everyone in the community knows the transactions. These can not be altered and can be used as proof of verification.

  • Borderless Transaction

    These token's anonymity, borderless store, and cross-border transaction nature assist a reliable borderless financial security anytime and anywhere.

How Does Our SafeMoon Forking Work?

Here's how Safemoon forking works.

  • Automatic Liquidity Pool

    The automatic liquidity pool collects funds from both buyers and sellers by any means and returns those into the liquidity pools to create a solid price floor.

  • Reflection

    Offering a passive reward to your investors each time when they make entry into the platform to make them happy.

  • Static Rewards

    Static Rewards are the way to save investors from various challenges such as volume-based trading, conditional-based trading, and so on.

  • Manual Burns

    This is a new method to burn the unsold cryptocurrency to decrease the volume making their value spike in the market.

How to get listed your SafeMoon Forking Token on any DEX Exchange?

Here are the steps to list your SafeMoon like DeFi token on any DEX Exchanges.

  1. Create Account
  2. Integration of Wallet
  3. Collection of Funds
  4. Surfing of Decentralized Applications (DApps)
  5. Selection of Currency
  6. Registration of Address
  7. Integration of Slippage & Swapping
  8. Transaction Confirmation
  9. Conversion of Currency
  10. Purchase your own DeFi token like SafeMoon now.

SafeMoon Forking Development

The process of developing a DeFi Protocol like SafeMoon to launch your own DeFi based fundraising platform with Governance Token like SafeMoon Token with options to trade with three simple functions as like in SafeMoon such as Reflection, LP Acquisition, & Burn is known as SafeMoon Forking Development.

We DeFi NFT Agancy- DeFi Development agency offers A to Z DeFi Development Services which involves DeFi Staking Platform Development, DeFi Yield Farming Development, DeFi Token Development, DeFi DEX Exchange Development and more. We also provide Forkings of top DeFi Protocols to start your own DeFi Platform instantly.

Some of our top selling DeFi Protocols Clones are:

  • Uniswap Clone Script
  • PancakeSwap Clone Script
  • ParaSwap Clone Script
  • SusiSwap Clone Script
  • SafeMoon Clone Script and more.

Contact us to set up your DeFi-based fundraising platform, such as SafeMoon, and for more details.

SafeMoon - A Simple Beginner’s Guide

Without any doubt, cryptocurrency is no longer a new word for all of us. This volatile crypto market has seen a recent price surge and this shows the growth of cryptocurrencies in recent days.

Already there are many cryptocurrencies on the list and some of the cryptos that grab a lot of attention involve Ethereum, Bitcoin, StopElon, Dogecoin, and more. A new cryptocurrency being launched in March 2021, is getting noticed widely and brings an embracement in cryptocurrency globe is, SafeMoon.

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Expert Team Of NFT Developers

Expert Team Of NFT Developers

we have expert NFT Developers who are highly techies in creating successful NFT Projects for various use cases.

Exposure In All Blockchains

Exposure In All Blockchains

Our team of experts are highly skilled in creating NFT Marketplace on trending blockchains like solana, polygon, ethereum, binance and more.

Quick Development & Deployment

Quick Development & Deployment

We are following a strategic approach and agile development process to quickly deploy a next-gen peer to peer marketplace.

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Tech Support

We provide round-the- clock technical support so that one can reach out our experts instantly.

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